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Transform Your Hotel or Restaurant Offering

Discover the Benefits of Incorporating Delectable Vegan Dishes Into Your Menu and Attract a Wider Audience.

Our Vegan Culinary Solutions

 Discover how our expertly crafted vegan culinary solutions can elevate your hotel or restaurant's menu. From mouthwatering plant-based dishes to innovative recipes, we offer a range of services designed to attract a broader audience and enhance your culinary offerings.


Essential Vegan Menu Upgrade

Start your vegan culinary journey with our Basic Package. We'll provide expert guidance on optimizing your menu, suggesting delectable vegan options that cater to diverse tastes. Begin your transformation today!


Vegan Culinary Transformation

Elevate your menu and culinary experience with our Standard Package. In addition to menu card consultation, we offer creative and tested vegan recipes, bringing innovation to your offerings. Join the plant-based movement!


Vegan Excellence Partnership

Achieve excellence in vegan offerings with our Premium Package. Beyond menu enhancements and recipe suggestions, we provide ongoing support, ensuring your long-term success in the world of vegan cuisine. Partner with us to lead the way.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Expand Your Customer Base: Attract vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious diners.

  • Foster Culinary Innovation: Add exciting vegan dishes to your menu to entice diners with fresh flavors.

  • Promote Healthier Dining: Meet the growing demand for nutritious meals.

  • Embrace Sustainability: Reduce your environmental footprint and appeal to eco-conscious diners.

  • Build a Positive Reputation: Position your establishment as socially responsible by offering ethical dining choices.

  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty: Satisfied diners become loyal patrons who spread the word, bolstering your success.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Stay ahead in the industry by becoming an innovative culinary leader.

  • Receive Expert Guidance: Ensure a seamless transition to vegan offerings with our expertise.


Hanna Jonko, DE

"I participated in Michèle's online webinar titled 'Easy Introduction to Plant-Based Nutrition' on March 30, 2023, and I was thoroughly impressed. Michèle, with her friendly and open approach, swiftly debunked key myths and presented crucial points clearly. Her engaging storytelling about personal experiences, along with practical and immediately applicable tips, convinced me that transitioning to a plant-based diet with her guidance will be truly straightforward. With Michèle's effective methods, one embarks on a long-term success story brimming with motivation."


Ursula Wandfluh, CH

"The workshop 'Achieving Health, Vitality & Well-being with Ease Through Enjoyable Nutrition without Sacrifice' was very enjoyable for me. Michèle Meier presented the complex content in a very understandable manner! Now I know more about it. Additionally, I found it to be a thoroughly successful workshop with many useful tips and suggestions."

Andrea Übelhard, CH

"I had an excellent consultation with Michèle. She provided me with many helpful insights. She is a very open and empathetic person, which I truly appreciate. What's great is that she accepts you as you are and doesn't insist solely on a vegan or plant-based approach. I need time to integrate and learn the new way of eating, and Michèle provided me with the time and understanding I needed. I highly recommend the guidance from eatnatural. Thank you so much, Michèle, for the wonderful ideas I can incorporate into my diet.

The Path to Collaboration

Embarking on our collaboration to elevate your hotel or restaurant with vegan offerings is a straightforward and rewarding journey:


  • Initial Contact: Reach out to me, and let's discuss your specific needs and goals.

  • Needs Assessment: We'll evaluate your current menu and business model, identifying areas for vegan integration.

  • Customized Solutions: I'll provide tailored proposals that can be adjusted and refined to match your preferences and requirements.

  • Implementation: With a clear strategy in place, we'll start implementing vegan enhancements into your menu and dining experience.

  • Feedback and Adjustments: Regular communication ensures we can fine-tune our approach based on customer feedback and evolving trends.

  • Ongoing Support: I'm here to provide continuous support and guidance to guarantee the long-term success of your vegan offerings.

Thank you!

Let's Transform Your Menu Together!

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