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Switch off and let go - I'll help you.


Access Bars is a unique method of promoting relaxation and inner peace by gently touching 32 points on the head. These sessions can help reduce stress, clear the mind and achieve a deeper sense of wellbeing.

Why Access Bars?

In an Access Bars session you have the opportunity to let go of everything that prevents you from living a fulfilled and free life. By touching the 32 points on the head, restrictions in various areas of life can be dissolved, such as money, body, sexuality, joy and much more.

What can you expect in a session?

During an Access Bars session, brain waves can slow down, making it possible to access deeply ingrained behavioral patterns and belief systems. This can lead to a noticeable shift in various areas of life and enable you to be more present and aware.

The advantages
  • Stress reduction and deep relaxation

  • Improve sleep and vitality

  • More intense and deeper relationships

  • Ease and joy in everyday life

  • Faster recovery and increased well-being

  • More ease in dealing with money and professional challenges

  • Removing blockages and restrictions

Your path to more lightness and well-being

Would you like to experience the transformative power of Access Bars? Contact me for a personal session and discover how you can live a more fulfilling and conscious life.

A notice:

Bars can also be used as a supportive measure in other therapies and facilitate the process of healing and transformation. It is a gentle and effective method to reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

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my location

You can find me on the beautiful, third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus. Why is that? Quite simply, our wonderful permaculture project is being built here, as the climate here is ideal and we can grow fresh fruit and vegetables almost all year round.
If you would like to combine your diet change with a vacation, you are very welcome here. Otherwise, I will coach and advise you via Zoom and WhatsApp.

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