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April 2024, Cyprus

A free webinar on January 31, 2024 at 8:00 PM

Longing for Freedom vs. Desire for Belonging

Presented by Stefanie Eisenbart, founder of the Life Balance practice

I am Stefanie, your travel companion on the journey to self-determination, playfulness, and vibrancy.

I have always taken the slightly different path; previously, I struggled against rules, but today, as a mother of two, I embrace every moment as it comes - with a touch of serenity.

By deciding to become self-employed and establishing my own practice, I now follow my heart every day. Learn more about my heartfelt work at:

If you too want to shape your life according to your dreams - then let's embark on this journey together now.

Stefanie Eisenbart
Michèle Meier

Michèle Meier, Founder of eatnatural by Michèle

I am Michèle, your guide on the journey to freedom and self-determination. Previously, I felt trapped in the mundane, a life without color and adventure. The longing for freedom drove me to dare to change.

Today, I am not only in Cyprus but also a proud vegan nutritionist. The transformation of my life is close to my heart. I break free from old patterns to explore and create more.

And this is just the beginning! On my website, you can learn more about me. If you also feel the desire for a fulfilling, vibrant life, then I will accompany you – together, we walk the path of change!


Are you yearning for change? Do you long to break free from the monotony of everyday life and have more time for your dreams?

Have you perhaps forgotten or buried your inner LONGINGS and DREAMS?

Do you want to set out on a journey, but something is holding you back?

Stress, frustration, fear, anger, or dissatisfaction are robbing you of a significant part of your time?

Have you squeezed yourself into a corset of conformity just because you don't want to lose your community?

Is it really worth it? Does it keep you up at night? You want more, but you don't know how?

We, Stefanie and Michèle, offer you a safe space for healing, fun, newfound confidence, and security. We help you find your own drive. We take you by the hand and show you step by step how to realize your dreams.

All this in an environment of like-minded individuals, away from the crowd, tailored specifically to you.

You'll receive tools & techniques, increased self-worth, and the feeling of being grounded and nurtured within yourself and your body.

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